Monday, July 15, 2013

Week Nine - Rain and Getting Used to the Routine!

David in front of the Dallas Temple!

Life in SLC seems like it's the same old same old, which is good because life in the SLC is grrrrrreat!  The mission is really making that obvious for me haha.  I love to hear that you are going to farewells and homecomings.  It's crazy to think that so many peeps are already starting to come home! 
I'm glad Andrew got to you, and you got a hold of Zach.  I did have an email from him and it was awesome to hear from him!  I miss that kid!   I also got grandmas package the other day and I put a thank you card in the mail today for her!  But sadly, I have not yet received your package.  Elder Sheffer said sometimes they will come knock on your door to deliver it, or they will put a slip in your mailbox that tells you to go pick it up at the post office.  So idk, but I'm sure it will turn up!  I'll check with the office today.
Yeah I feel for Elder Powell.  When I saw him at the meeting he was having a hard time and made it seem like his companion problems are pretty serious but he couldn't talk about them all there.  But we have follow up training manana and I'll see him there along with all the others from the mtc, so hopefully I can find out more!  even though it really isn't any of my business.   
This week has been good.  Weeks are definitely getting better and better all the time.  I am getting more accustomed to the work better and starting to settle into the routine, which makes things easier.  At first I was just having a hard time thinking that this is my life for 2 years!  But now I have come to the attitude that the day my mission ends will come, it will come!   and it is up to me whether it comes fast or slow. 
Nothing too exciting this week.  We always find an outrageous number of new investigators every week, without even really trying in the "finding" department.  God just puts them in our path.  We usually meet the average, or the standard, for lessons taught every day.  So we stay busy for the most part, with a few slow points here and there.  The frustrating thing is that none of our planned lessons fall through!  People aren't very reliable here haha but it doesn't take us long to find someone else to teach.  No baptisms yet, but we do have some baptismal dates and some serious progressing investigators!
RAIN RAIN RAIN!  yesterday and today it has been pretty much raining constantly.  Most the times it is just a light sprinkle, or maybe a little more.  but it is so refreshing to get a break from the heat!  The rain does make things a little difficult; when riding bikes we get mud spots all over our shirts, and we try to do as little biking in the rain as possible.  But whether it's hot or raining, I'm going to have to wash anything anyway!  So as of right now I think I would prefer the rain.  and it's supposed to rain all week!  hehehe
I am in a Spanish ward.   At our building there are two English wards and a Spanish ward that is pretty good sized.  But the 3 hour church block seems forever long here!   Probably bc I can't understand a thing that is being said.  I always struggle to stay awake in church meetings.  Also, I fell asleep at a party on Saturday haha!  I didn't think I actually fell asleep, I thought I was just resting my eyes, but afterwards my companion told me I was asleep for more than a few minutes and the people at the party were talking about me!  oops. 
This last week my companion and I started talking more, which we hadn't really done much of until now.  The first two weeks I just followed him around.  But now we talk about life before the mission, college, family, life after the mission, hobbies.  He wants to be a personal trainer when he gets back and likes fitness stuff!  So we have something in common and it's more fun to talk rather than just go house to house without a word!   
I think I sent one picture already, but it takes forever just to send one picture!  So I think I will send this memory card home, just so you can see all the pics from the mtc.  But from here on out I will probably only have one, maybe two pictures every week, if that, and I could probably find time to send one a week.  Sorry, that's the best I can do. 
I think it would be best if I had another pair of shoes.  Especially for the rain.   But I am hesitant cuz I don't like to ruin nice, expensive stuff, and mission shoes are expensive!  So I'm thinking maybe you could just send me my old, slip on, black Steve Madden's for now.  But if you think it would be better to buy another pair of durable sturdy mission shoes, you can do that too.  I trust ya mom!  You do what you think would be best for me.  No rush! 
I would love a box of goodies!  Our mission debit card has $140 a month on it, that's about 35 a week.  My first couple trips to the story I had a hard time staying under that haha, but I am practicing and learning and getting better at it!  But I might go a little over thins month.  But my point is, with what little money I have to spend at the store, I am very limited on what I can by, so I just get the essentials mostly.  So if you send me food, NO CANDY!  That is the last thing I need and wouldn't do me any good.  I need stuffs that's gonna fill me up and give me energy.  So stuff like nuts, trailmix, granola bars, energy bars, power bars, protein bars, any kind of bar!  And if you can think of other stuff that you know I like, feel free.  Just no straight candy.  It doesn't all have to be healthy energy stuff, but that would be the most beneficial. 
Spanish hasn't seemed to progress much.  But Elder Sheffer shared a good analogy with me:  growth in the mission is like trying to watch your thumb grow when you're a baby.  It's hard to see!  So who knows, maybe I've come a lot further than I realize.  But things are getting easier. 
I love and miss you all and wish I had more time to write!  I love writing y'all and I hope you are all seeing the blessings from the Lord.  The Lord's hand is in all of our lives, I know it, so recognize it!  Peace be unto you all and God bless!
con much amor, Elder Williams

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