Monday, July 22, 2013

Week Eighty Four - Transferred Up the River!!

Tom and his companion looking 'fartos'!

The boys eating at Subway!

Eating at Subway!

Tom thinking about catching a lizard....but he didn't.

Hi family!

My week was good. I learned yesterday morning that I´m being transferred to the most distant area of the mission (I think) Oriximiná, in which there are only 2 missionaries (me and my new companion). So I´ll probably get a 10 hour boat ride there tomorrow, should be cool. I hear that they baptize muito there. It seems like I´m going to die in the area that Elder Fox was born in (end the mission in the area that he started his). The week was good, I liked my companion, time passed fast, all things like normal. Beginning on Friday  we had a companion exchange due to.... that story again, which lasted until yesterday. I worked with my zone leader, Elder Robertson in his area, which neighbors ours and is part of the same ward. Elder Robertson is funny demais! He was my first american companion since Elder Fox in the MTC. Unfortunately no baptism this week. We were going to baptize a rapaz (boy) but he doesn´t think he´s ready and his mom doesn´t want him to be baptized. Nossa! when we found this family, I thought everyone was going to get baptized, but the mother arrived from her vacation and now everyone is disinterested(?) in the church. Good luck to my companion and his new companion! I´ll be baptizing out the wazoo in Oriximilagres! (I hope) But that´s about all for this week. All the other stories aren´t really that interesting and have little to do with anything.... Q&A!!!

1.  Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, who from? Nope! Our neighbor, president Marciclei, of the stake, went to Belém and said he´d stop in the mish office and bring any packages that happen to be there to us. Unfortunately, he only returns on the 26th and I´ll probably be in Oriximina before this day.

2.  Do you have any idea how many baptisms you have done or do you even keep track of that? 35 more or less, me personally I´ve baptized about 15 I think. (in the first year everyone liked my companion more than me so they baptized more... and I´ve also baptized a few peeps that were taught by sisters (sisters can´t baptize haha!.... sorry) and.... they weren´t taught by me but... hey... I baptized them so I´ll count them.... haha (colador eu sou!))....

3.  Are your shoes still holding up ok? yep.... more or less.

4.  Is that other American missionary in your group that lives in the same apartment?  Where is he from? Elder Robertson is from Stockton California, he´s awesome.

5.  Are you still writing in your journal every day?  Tell me the truth....:) Not every day, unfortunately. I take too long to write and my zone leaders are always turning off the lights while I´m writing, because I need to be sleeping and sometimes I just sit in my bed thinking about stuff and forget to write. But I still remember the important stuff and am able to include them in my journal entries.

Me, Elder Robertson, Elder Gondim, and Elder L. Oliveira at subway. Nossa! My companion and I look fartos (extremely satisfied/almost dead) In one picture, my zone leader didn´t think that it would come out well, so we´re both giving each other dirty looks. Mine says "shut up, let me try it" and it worked out so we all gave sorrisos (smiles) for the second one and it didn´t work out unfortunately (very dark). And the last one is me and a lizard that I almost had enough courage to catch but I didnt....

But that was my week. I gots to go, I love you all have a great week. Wish me luck in Oriximiná! Tchau!

Elder R. Williams

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