Monday, July 22, 2013

Week Ten - Drenched By a Truck and Pulled Over By the Police!

David's improvised rain poncho!

David in front of Cosmic Comics!

Alright here we go!
I almost didn't get to email today!  We got to the library and the computers were down!  We stuck around for about an hour before they got fixed, but thank goodness they were fixed.  I don't know what I would do if I had to miss out on emailing today! 
   Glad you got the picture card.  I am glad you keep in touch with Elder Powell's mom, that is awesome.  I love to hear about what is going on at home!  I miss everyone bastante and even hearing about the little things brings me joy.  Josh is home already??!!??  That is insane!  I'm happy for him and I'm sure dad is happy to have him back too....  You are getting a piano?!  That will be cool.  While at the mtc I heard a kid playing the piano and it was the most amazing thing I have ever heard.  He said he had only been playing for two years, couldn't read music, and taught himself.  The kid clearly had a gift, but after hearing him I decided that if I could be the best in the world at ANYTHING, it would be the piano.  So I am really looking forward to that, because I WILL be able to play before this life is over!  You should all learn too!  I still wish I could have witnessed Ken and Mary when they are together.  I still laugh when I think about their stories.  But it sounds like they are doing really well.  Keep having fun and making memories to tell me about later!
   I got your package.  My companion kept telling me that if a package arrives for you, they will let you know.  But two weeks had passed by, so we went into the office on Friday.  They said it had been there for a while.  But I got it!  Scripture case is awesome, towels are perfect, and even though the cookie bars were two weeks old, they were surprisingly and magically delicious!  Elder Sheffer agrees.  I'm not asking for sweets, but feel free to send more of those whenever you want.   So the shoes will get here soon i'm sure, don't need to worry.  And again, with the ipod, no rush.  I'm glad you found talks, hope it wasn't too much of a hassle for you!  But yes, please send some music on it too!  Elder Sheffer has a shuffle with the most amazing church music on it!   So send some byu choir, music you've sent tom, my mission playlist on the computer, and some peter brianholt.  I think that is his name, and apparently he is one of the best lds musicians out there.  But mom, just know that none of this is a necessity.  I can do without if any of it is too much of a hassle!   But when you send the ipod, send me some bottom garments.  I should have some mesh and maybe cottonpoly's in my room in a drawer.  All I really have here are the extra support bottoms, but in this heat they give me a little too much support.   I don't need tops, just a few bottoms if you can find them in my room.  Your idea for snacks is fine by me!
    This week has been busy!  Tuesday we had follow up training for all the newbies.  It was fun to see everyone, especially president Durrant!  I love him more and more all the time, and I wish I got to interact with him more.  He is probably one of the most admirable men I have ever met.  I hope I can really form a good relationship with him in the next year.
     MOnday night we went to the famous whattaburger for a dinner.  While we were there it started to POUR, literally raining sideways like nothing i have ever seen before!  It was awesome!  So we waited to see if it would lighten up a little bit, and the wind did, but not the rain.  So we rode home in the rain and it was awesome!  A truck drove through a puddle at the perfect time to create a tidal wave that just absolutely drenched me.  It was hilarious.  I looked like I had just jumped in a pool, but the poncho worked really well.  So we had a few days of rain, but now we are back to the heat.  I'm used to it now, so todo bien! 
     Wednesday we had interviews with President as a zone.  My interview was short, just because I am new and don't really have any problems.  All he said about the letter is that there are some loco people out there and to send any other letters I get home.  No biggie! Thanks for taking care of that for me, y'all are the best! 
     This week I made a contact entirely by myself in Spanish.  We were riding our bikes, Elder Sheffer was a ways ahead of me, and a man said something to me in Spanish, not sure what exactly, but it was more than Hola and it sounded friendly too, so of course I stopped!  I couldn't understand much, but it still felt pretty natural and I got his info and everything.  It felt good to do that without Elder Sheffer!  I still don't understand much, but I am starting to be more involved in lessons, and Spanish is slowly but surely coming along.  The other day we set up an appointment with a man that wasted drunk, and yesterday we had an awesome lesson with him!  haha this work is crazy!  We stayed quite busy this week.  Oh, and we got "pulled over" on our bikes.  It was late and he thought we were selling something, which isn't allowed that time of night I guess.  He asked what we were selling and I told him "THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!" and then he said "oh, okay" and drove off.  Other than that the week was just typical missionary work. 
   Havent' gotten anymore mail. 
 Beau was right. Exercising is hard, I usually do a set or two of sit-ups and then just write in my journal, because I don't have time at night.  But we made a workout routine the other day and we are going to try to stick to it. 
   The Liahona is holding up pretty well.  No problems since day one.  He gets the job done. When i'm not on it, it is always locked up or in the apartment. 
    Medication is fine.  haha.
Hey Mom, Dad, Em; thanks for all you do.  All of you have contributed in preparing me for this.  I couldn't do it without a supporting, loving family that I love 10x more back!  When times get hard, I think about you guys and that always motivates me to keep going.  I think about you every day, and pray for you every day, I hope all is well and I'm sure it is.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the most magnifico familia en todo el mundo!
I mean that with all my heart and don't you ever forget it! 
   I hope that's everything.  Hasta la proxima semana! 
love, your baby boy, Elder Williams. 

Picture stories:
We had some ridiculous amounts of rain a couple days this week.  This is my homemade poncho.  I was hoping to get a picture in the rain during the rain, but this is more after the storm.  I took a picture of just the rain from inside when it was really coming down, but I don't think I will have time to send that one today.  I figured you would rather see a picture of your baby boy rather than a picture of a wet parking lot.  
This is a pic of an awesome wall mural at Cosmic Comics!   I see it when we drive back from district meetings, and it was quite the bike ride to get to this morning, but I thought it was a neat Kodak moment.  Elder Sheffer refused to be seen in a comic store, so we didn't get to go inside.  I should have done a more heroic pose, but i'm just a simple guy I guess.  


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