Monday, July 15, 2013

Week Eighty Three - Grateful!

Tom with his Lord of the Rings spider!!

Hello again, one more time, minha familia linda!

       My week was good. We weren´t able to get a baptism this week, unfortunately, but this next week I think we´ll have at least one. Hrmm.... yeah, that´s about it this week.... Sacrament meeting was very roudy this week, lots of kids running in and out, but there´s one guy here, he´s our neighbor, Marciclei, he´s albino but nossa! he speaks well. He´s the first couselor of the stake presidency here. I don´t remember much of what he said but what I felt while he spoke was bacana demais. Our recent convert, Carla is doing well. She feels like many changes are happening in her life rifght now, that many temptations have come but she feels happier for being a member of the church now. The last week of the transfer begins tonight, 6 o´clock. We´ll see how it goes. Oh! we taught a woman about the restoration of the gospel of Christ. Nossa! she understood everything! Egua do muleque! Why can´t every investigator be like her (many make really wrong interpretations of what we say, to put it politely). Her two daugthers have already been to church several times in another ward because their grandmother is a member, so we´re going to see what we can do to baptize them this week. But anyways, I´m enjoying my time here. I´m grateful for everything that has happened during this transfer. I feel like I´ve grown more here than in all my other areas combined. It´s going good.

1. Do you ever use that ipod Shuffle I sent you?  Or do you just still listen to music on your phone? Yes I use my ipod shuffle. I love listening to josh groban! Egua! bom demais ele é! And sometimes I listen to music on the phone.

2. Were you able to get your stuff mailed home last p-day? My zone leader took the box to the mail.... place.... what? I forgot what it´s called, but he should send it home for me today. I think you´ll love it. But i recieved word right now that it can´t be sent today, there is a problem at the post office, that´s what it´s called!.... right?

3. Any ideas about what classes you want to take when you get home?  If you want to go back out to SLCC when you get home, I need you to be thinking about classes you might want to take because I will need to sign you up for them before you get home. Math, again, art again, maybe history, sociology, again.... spanish....

4. Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, from who? nope nada!

5. Is there anything you need me to try to send you? nope nada!

Pic! Just one rapidinho! It´s me and my creation, the spider from lord of the rings.... AGOOOOOOOORRRRAAA!

I gots to go, but I love you all and miss you have a great week sorry for the grammar errors. English can sai fora! Tchau!!!

Love Elder R. Willilams

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