Monday, July 1, 2013

Week Eighty One - Trip to Alter do Chao!

Hi Family,

I have very little time right now, we have to leave because we´re going to Alter do Chão. look it up on the internet it´s cool demais. My week was good. We had a baptism and I think we´ll have one this next week. I got some cool pics, here´s one. Q&A 1. I heard but don´t know much about it. 2. Just a little bit when someone is watching TV when we enter their house.3. No packages, maybe this next week. 4. Jambo! Jambo is too good. Açai not so much it´s very expensive and few people are buying right now. 4. Yes, I´m fine. The pic is me on a mountain close to our house. Sorry that I can´t say more but we´re all in a rush here, I gots to go! But I love you and miss you all. Have a great week. 

Love Elder R. Williams

Hi family, again!

      The other missionary dupla that I live with decided to use computers again to send e-mail. I guess they weren´t able to write to their families, only to the mish pres so I guess they´re allowing me to write again too. So my week was good, great to tell the truth but a little complicated, especially after today. The thing that happened today is a story for after the mission I think. But this week we did really well. We were able to teach a lot, getting 23 lessons taught in the week, when usually it´s hard to get 20. We were preparing Gabí for baptism. She´s gone to church about 10 times already but she lives with her step mother and her father spends 25 days working in the middle of the forest and so stays home for 5 days. We almost didn´t get authorization to baptize Gabí, only getting it 5 hours before the baptism starts. Gabí is only 9 years old but she understood all the lessons very well, which is unusual because most kids, and even adults here where I´m working, have difficulty explaining what we just ended explaining. But she was baptized, chose me to baptize her. There were a few lessons that we gave during the week that were stressful. People just don´t understand that if Joseph Smith really was a prophet, there is no other place or church or cult or sect on earth that can carry out ordenances of salvation, like baptism. We ended debating 2 times about it this week, and one person already received an answer from God, that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. Nossa! complicado demais! But anyways. At church this week we had 11! i´ll say it again! 11 people visit the church. We had a family of 6, it would be 7 if the mother wasn´t traveling, come and they all liked the church a lot. So we´re going to work hard to get them involved with the church, to feel welcome, and to prepare for baptism. Carla came to church again and brought her younger sister with her. Carla might be baptized this week. Pray so that all goes well, por favor! I would send another pic but I´ve gots to go! Tchau! I love you all have a great week, until next time! 

Love Elder R. Williams

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