Monday, July 8, 2013

Week Eighty Two - Speaking About Independence Day!

Tom and Elder Robertson with Guarana Jesus pop cans.

Tom and Elder Robertson at the English school.

Tom and sister Viera dos Santos in front of a cool restaurant.

Tom in front of Alter do chão - under water.

Tom using the papagaio (parrot) phone to call us.

The zone at irmão Romberto´s place in Alter do Chão.

Carla´s baptism.

Hello My Family!

       Well my week was good. I liked this week a lot... but it was also a little difficult.... but the difficult part has to do with the story that I will share when I return home. But the good things. Baptism! WOOHOO! Carla was baptized Saturday, confirmed (almost wasn´t) Sunday. Friday night, Elder Robertson and I went to a school where they just learn other languages (a member which speaks English very well took us there) to talk to a bunch of Brazilians about the 4th of July in English. Nossa! The 4th of July has very little to it, doesn´t it? Hot dogs, fireworks.... sittin in a park... maybe some popcorn.... maybe everyone watches independence day... I don´t know. It was difficult to say much more than that.... but it was cool. We learned this past week that the Santarém zone is still baptizing more than any other zone of the mission. We ended June with 29 baptisms and the next closest was 26 (just some G Agá). That´s about 4 months in a row. ZONA SANTARÉM WOOT WOOT....Mas pois é... my week was good. We looked a lot for new people to teach again. We didn´t do that so much in the week before so we suffered for that a little this week.... but stories are few and short this week.
What did you do on your little excursion last Monday?.... I didn´t tell you last week? We went to Alter do Chão, look it up on the net. We had barbecue at a member´s, who lives there.

Any packages or e-mails, yet? nope

Do you know if those two missionaries got the books I sent, yet? nope

Have you seen any protests against the government where you are at? I saw a bus protest, I think. A bunch of people put barriers in the street, but it doesn´t seem like that lasted long.

Did you ever buy any birthday things to send home? I´ve got a pile of things to send home, I just need to prepare it in a box, which I´m too lazy to do on p-day and I don´t have time to do it on any other day, but I`ll be sure to do it today.

Do you get to play sports much, like volleyball or soccer? I played soccer for about 5 minutes on Monday last week. I think we´ll play ping pong today.... but that´s about it.

A pic of Carla´s baptism, a pic of the zone at irmão Romberto´s place in Alter do Chão, me in front of the alter do chão, me using the papagaio (parrot) phone to call you, didn´t work... some other pic, I forget which is it, and me and Elder Robertson at the English school. The sign says "independence day, with the presence of 2 north Americans ..."..... EGUA! THAT´S ME! And the e-mail is too big so not all pics will be sent home....

Opa! Errei. I guess the pic of me in front of Alter do chão didn´t get sent home... unfortunately alter do chão is under water right now so you can only see the huts. But hey, when you guys come here, you should try to buy tickets to santarém so that you can see my favorite city of Pará too! A pic of me and sister Viera dos Santos in front of a cool restaurant and.... a pic of me and Elder Robertson with Guarana Jesus pop cans.
Egua, nem disse tchau! I love you all have a great week, stay safe. HOLY SMOKES JOSH IS ALREADY COMING HOME!? Egua do muleque! UNtil next week. Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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